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Ready to EXPAND your IMPACT to the NEXT LEVEL?

Is there a reason, a purpose or a mission to why you started your business? Do you feel like your business is fulfilling that purpose? Close but not quite? Something isn’t quite right, you can’t seem to get to the next iteration of your business, you hit one goalpost, but can’t seem to get to the next or even really know that is or what it looks like?

Are you ready to take action, and grow your business closer towards its purpose?

Custom strategy builds provide you with a targeted & actionable plan to achieve purpose driven growth. 

Through six different available strategy builds, each addressing a key aspects of your business, develop a strong foundation for your business’ sustainable growth and long-term success.


Ok, is this YOU?

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Custom strategy sessions were designed for exactly what you need.

Custom strategy builds are developed to drive a businesses toward sustainable, long-term growth. By tailoring strategic plans to each business’s unique needs, we ensure alignment with your intended purpose and mission. The goal is to empower businesses to not only achieve short-term success but also to build a strong foundation for growth and fulfilling of the business’ intended mission.

What to EXPECT:


Are we a good fit?

Complete a good fit form. This allows me to see if you are in a position where you will benefit from these strategy sessions, which ones and if you need a standalone session or a few makes more sense based on your business & your goals.


do some homework

Once we decide what level of support & which strategy sessions are best for your needs, you will complete some comprehensive questionnaires and then schedule your strategy session.


Strategy Build Out

One week following your strategy session, you will receive a strategy report outlining the specifics of your strategy & action steps for you to implement the plans. 

If you are doing multiple sessions, you will complete one form each month and schedule a session each month. And receive your report for that strategy within one week of that session.

Kind Words from Past clients:

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of freelancers reported increased income after implementing written business strategies


of freelancers experienced improved client satisfaction by using strategic planning


of freelancers saw a boost in productivity through written operational strategies


of business with documented strategies attracted higher-paying clients



$ 675 One-Time Payment
  • 90 Minute Strategy Call
  • One Standalone Strategy Build
  • Written Strategy ReporT
  • 30 days of unlimited slack support

BEST VALUE! (Save $210)

$ 640 Monthly for 6 months
  • Monthly 90 minute Strategy Calls
  • Monthly Strategy Builds & Reports
  • work through all 6 available strategies
  • unlimited slack support

What happens when YOU APPLY:


Submit the Good Fit Form. This helps me determine if you’re in a position to get value from these strategy sessions, identifying which ones align with your needs. Based on your business and goals, we’ll explore whether a standalone session or a series of sessions makes more sense for your situation.

02 Do some Homework

After determining the right level of support and identifying the strategy sessions that best fit your needs, you’ll get to work by filling out comprehensive questionnaires. Following these forms, you can schedule your strategy session.


Within one week after your strategy session, expect to receive a detailed strategy report that outlines the specifics of your plan along with actionable steps for implementation. If you’ve opted for multiple sessions, each month you’ll complete one additional form, schedule a session accordingly and receiving the corresponding strategy report within a week of that session.

Meet the Strategist


Hey, I'm SAFA HARRIS, your growth STRATEGIST

I’m passionate about businesses finding financial success while focusing on well-being and making a positive impact. I provide guidance with building profitable businesses but also empower you to create one that is sustainable and puts people first.


I start with first understanding of your business model, goals, and challenges. And then identify your unique strengths and areas for improvement. And only then do I develop strategies customized to address with your specific needs.

Yes, for standalone strategy sessions you receive 30 days of Slack support after report is delivered. If you are multiple strategy sessions, you receive unlimited, ongoing Slack support between sessions. This includes regular check-ins, progress accountability, and strategic troubleshooting.

Yup, the strategies are meant to address specific challenges and obstacles your business may be facing. The approach aims to identify those specific roadblocks and overcome them to move your business towards sustainable growth.


Understanding  your core values is a fundamental aspect of my strategy development. I work specifically with purpose driven entrepreneurs that put people first so it is extremely important that your custom strategy aligns with that.

As a matter of fact, if you do not have clear, established and written core values, your first strategy session with be required to work through those.

Growth doesn’t necessarily mean expanding operations in a way that adds more stress. My approach to growth involves strategic expansion that aligns with your goals, allowing for increased efficiency and profitability. We’ll explore options that ensure growth is sustainable and manageable, addressing the root causes of overwhelm.

Sometimes, expanding operations is the solution to alleviate stress, as it allows for the workload to be spread out and away from you. By strategically growing your business, you can create opportunities to delegate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance overall productivity.

My goal is to guide you through a growth process that not only benefits your business’s bottom line but also ensures a better quality of life for you.

Sure thing! I understand that businesses have specific needs. We can work together to create a custom package of strategy sessions that align with your priorities and still allows you to benefit from the package discount.

Definitely. Marketing is often a crucial component of business growth. However, marketing strategies are not included in part of these strategy sessions, as they are more extensive than these individual standalone sessions but I do offer them through my DFY Agency.

Find more information here.

Yes, I can certainly accommodate an expedited timeline if that aligns with your business needs. However, that is a very extensive and high demand project that can be done through my DFY agency. 

Find more information here.

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Let’s see if we are a good fit to work together. Fill out this form and I can determine if you are in a position to receive value from these strategy sessions. We can also see if a standalone session is enough for you or a 6 month full strategy build out makes more sense based on your business currently & your long term goals.