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Strategic Always


Hey, it's nice to meet you, I'm SAFA HARRIS

I understand that building and growing a business can be a challenging but I also know that it can set you up to make an impact.

As a business growth and leadership development consultant, I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you build profitable businesses that thrive in putting people first. 

I believe in the importance of providing for one’s family, fulfilling basic needs, enhancing your quality of life while also improving the lives of others.

I firmly believe that the most impactful work for individuals and humanity unfolds in the day-to-day operations and direct interactions with a business.

I am deeply committed to supporting businesses in generating greater income because I know with greater financial stability you are able to confidently implement people first initiatives while still taking care of yourself & your family.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and put people first, let’s see if we would be a good fit to work together!

More about SAFA

What started as some extra cash, quickly turned into a thriving business!

Established in 2019, I love the opportunity to be STRATEGIC every day.

With a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and years of experience in the electrical engineering industry, I’ve honed my skills in developing systems, processes, and team building.

During my corporate career, I had the privilege of managing 7 and 8-figure budgets and leading teams of up to 60 people. Can you believe it? I’ve been involved in hiring and training over 300 individuals throughout my journey!

While climbing the corporate ladder, I was also building a highly successful transportation and logistics business with my husband. It was during this time that I started dipping my toes into freelancing in 2019.

Drawing from my extensive experience in business building, I began supporting other business owners like you in growing and scaling their ventures.

I stand firm in my belief that financial success and self-sufficiency should go hand in hand with the well-being of individuals and society. Balancing these elements is at the core of my mission, and I am dedicated to helping businesses achieve not only their financial goals but also their goals of creating a better world for all.


When I’m not working, you can find me bingeing any available streaming network and eating snacks – after bedtime for my two boys, of course

I’m a proud muslim (I used to not be, growing up in the west post-9/11). but now I couldn’t make it through my day without my faith

My Favorite self-care habits are my five daily prayers and two hours of weekday gym time to get away from the noise & overstimulation

When you LET GO of WORKING, and start building YOUR BUSINESS

…is the moment you begin building something that provides financial stability that may have been elusive as a solo freelancer. As your business matures, you can establish more predictable revenue streams, secure larger projects, and access new markets, all of which contribute to a more stable financial future. This financial security not only ensures a comfortable lifestyle but also empowers you to invest in charity, contributing to society & make business decisions that put people first. 

Whether you have a vision to expand your service offerings or create passive income streams, I’m here to help you to move past freelancing and take advantage of the opportunities that come with building YOUR BUSINESS. By expanding your business, you can delegate tasks, hire additional talent, and streamline your operations, effectively reducing your stress and workload. It’s not about no longer having to deal with retainers or one-off projects; it’s about feeling ease in your finances so you can focus on things that matter more…you, your family & people.

We may be a GOOD MATCH if:

01 You’re Looking For Custom Solutions

You LOVE your business. But it also feels like it is killing you. You want something that is right for you, for your life & how you want to function. Nothing seems right but you don’t want to give it up so you need to find a right for you solution.

02 You Are Focused on Sustainable Growth

You want something that goes beyond short-term gains. You are all about the big picture. You want a long term sustainable businesses and income sources aligned with your lifestyle. 

03 You want to make a societal impact

You are are looking to secure financial stability and make a positive societal impact. You want to balance financial success with the well-being of individuals and society while achieving long-term growth and community engagement.