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The Mission Statement:

I'm passionate about PRIORITIZING PEOPLE and PROFITS for my clients.


Are you ready to
PRIORITIZE well-being?

Let’s build a stable foundational income & start stacking diversified income streams to provide for your families & improving your quality of life while contributing to the community, promoting charitable giving & championing good causes.

Reset your mindset & lean into you human centered leadership skills to go from operating your business to leading your business that prioritizes the well-being of you, your team & your community. 

You want a business that provides for you and your family. And you want a business that that balances financial success with well-being for all. And you don’t want to stop there – you want something that you can leverage to make a positive impact on society.

So what makes me DIFFERENT?

I’m Safa and I get what is like to be a freelancer. I’ve been there.

During my corporate career, I wanted things to be different. I wanted to create an environment where we put people-first AND create killer results. 

And it worked, I rose through the ranks quickly and oversaw projects and led teams of up to 60 individuals, gaining insights into hiring and training over 300 people. 

While climbing the corporate ladder, my husband and I established a transportation and logistics business. We aimed to create a sustainable business that could provide for us as a family but allow us to give back.

It was during this time that I started dipping my toes into freelancing in 2019. I saw unethical practices to make a buck, poor quality work, extreme burnout & poor communication – anything BUT putting people first. 

BUT I also connected with so many people, like you, that are driven by a mission & a purpose to provide the best for your families, love on people & build great financial stability. All while surrounded by not so great business advice & overpromised promises for results. 

Leveraging my extensive business background, success with building people first environments, I started to work with fellow business owners, like you, in nurturing your businesses with a people-first approach to growth and scaling.



Business Growth

Grow your business income with custom tailored strategies. The aim is to help you achieve financial success while promoting your individual well-being.

Leadership Development

Focuses on nurturing leaders who prioritize the well-being of their teams. Empower organizations to create environments that foster both professional growth and personal fulfillment.

DFY Growth Marketing

DFY services designed to help businesses grow while putting social impact at the forefront. We provide tailored solutions that align your business growth with meaningful contributions to society.

What My Clients are Saying:


Hey, nice to meet you, I'm SAFA HARRIS

I’m passionate about businesses finding financial success while focusing on well-being and making a positive impact. I provide guidance with building a profitable business but also empower you to create one that is sustainable and puts people first.

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