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I’ve provided some answers to common questions to ensure you have all the information you need.

Working with me is ideal for business owners who aspire to grow their businesses to make a social impact and nurture a people-first culture. We are a good fit to work together if you understand the value of financial stability as the groundwork for effectively implementing social impact initiatives and cultivating a workplace where people come first. My approach is tailored to help business owners strike a balance between financial growth and social responsibility, ensuring that financial stability becomes the cornerstone for confidently taking care of these initiatives.

The key difference between this consulting approach and diversity & inclusion consulting lies in their primary focus and sequence. This consulting prioritizes first developing financial stability and growth within a business, which then provides the foundation and resources to confidently and effectively implement people-first initiatives like diversity and inclusion consulting.


In essence, it recognizes that financial stability and growth are fundamental prerequisites for creating a sustainable and impactful people-first culture within an organization. This sequential approach ensures that the business is equipped to successfully support diversity and inclusion efforts while simultaneously achieving economic stability.

Business building consulting is the right choice if you are looking to:

  • prioritize financial stability for growth with a people-first approach
  • achieve goals efficiently with a balanced focus on well-being
  • enhance business without a complete overhaul

On the other hand, leadership development consulting is the perfect fit for businesses looking to up-level their leadership skills and embrace a people-first approach while continuing to deliver results. It’s tailored for those who:

  • Want to manage their clients and teams more effectively
  • Looking to lead in a way that puts people first, promoting success and well-being.
  • Interested in aligning their business direction with a strong focus on people.

In either scenario, I can guide you through assessing your current situation, identifying areas for improvement, and devising a plan to help you achieve your specific goals.

Yes, you can combine my business-building and leadership-development consulting services. This is a great option for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to take their businesses and their leadership skills to the next level.

I believe social justice is fundamentally about prioritizing the well-being of people and humanity as a whole. It’s not limited to the extent of actions taken but centers around making the care and betterment of individuals and society a core mission. My work is driven by the belief that even small, consistent efforts can have a significant positive impact on people’s lives. My approach is rooted in the idea that fostering a people-first culture within businesses and organizations is a powerful way to contribute to social justice by promoting fairness, equity, and ethical practices. By aligning business operations with a commitment to humanity’s welfare, the consultant aims to create lasting, positive change for both individuals and society as a whole.

No, I do not exclusively work with non-profit organizations because I believe that social justice and prioritizing people’s well-being is not confined to non-profits or macro-level initiatives. My approach emphasizes that social justice occurs in the day-to-day operations and micro-level actions of businesses and organizations. It’s about embedding people-first practices into the core of how a business operates, regardless of its profit or non-profit status. This approach allows for a more holistic and impactful integration of social justice principles throughout society.

Being “people first” means prioritizing the well-being, needs, and interests of individuals and communities above all else. It involves considering the impact of decisions and actions on people, valuing their dignity, and ensuring fairness, equity, and inclusivity in all aspects of life. In a business context, being people first entails creating a work environment that respects and supports team members, valuing client satisfaction, and fostering a culture that upholds ethical and socially responsible practices. It also means being empathetic, responsive, and attentive to the diverse needs of individuals, aiming to make a positive difference in their lives.

I firmly believes in demonstrating a commitment to being people-first and supporting social justice primarily through internal initiatives and practices. They emphasize that the crucial work for people and humanity occurs in day-to-day operations and in direct interactions with others within the organization. By embedding these principles into internal policies, culture, and daily practices, the consultant aims to create a meaningful and sustainable impact on individuals and society, ensuring that the values of being people-first and social justice are upheld consistently within the organization’s core operations and interactions.

Let’s Make it Official

I'm passionate about PRIORITIZING PEOPLE and PROFITS for my clients.

How it WORKS

01 Get to know Your VISION

a clear & inspiring (to you) vision that embodies your commitment to financial success and a people-first culture, setting the stage for a purpose driven business.

02 Develop A Targeted Strategy

assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, leveraging this analysis to formulate a tailored roadmap that aligns with your vision.

03 Execution and Consistency

implementing the plan while maintaining a commitment to your people-first values, this step ensure that your business reaches its goals and continue to operate with social responsibility.



My approach focuses on achieving a balance between financial stability and a people-first culture, ensuring your business not only thrives but also makes a meaningful social impact. Whether you’re interested in business building consulting to prioritize financial stability while upholding well-being, or leadership development consulting to enhance leadership skills with a people-first approach, I have a tailored solution for you. To explore how I can help you drive your business forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.